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Cerritos Sheriff’s Station Weekly
Crime Summary

Updated July 31, 2014

July 21–July 27, 2014

Crime in Cerritos increased slightly from the previous week with 12 Part I felony crimes reported to the Cerritos Sheriff's Station. The following is a breakdown of crimes by category: one sexual assault; one robbery (a shoplift gone bad); no residential burglaries (great news): three commercial/other burglaries; two grand thefts; three vehicle burglaries; and two reported auto thefts. Deputies made four felony arrests (three weeks in a row), seven misdemeanor arrests (two weeks in a row), one warrant arrest (again, two weeks in a row), and issued 109 traffic citations. There was also a significant reduction in calls for service to the Sheriff's dispatch center, with 181 versus this year's weekly average of 265.

Beware of "Knock-Knock" Burglars

A burglary occurred the last day of the last reporting week (7/20) that is important to mention. At about 7 a.m. a 68-year-old female resident in the 12200 block of Eckleson Place heard her doorbell ringing. From an upstairs window she observed a juvenile who appeared to be about 15-years-old. She didn't answer the door and a few minutes later heard a noise in her living room. When she investigated she saw the same individual inside of her house. The suspect immediately fled and is still at large. As mentioned many times, if you choose to not answer the door you should consider telling the person through your locked door that you cannot answer at the moment, or at least make some type of noise to let the individual know someone is at home. Burglars are looking for empty residences and will avoid yours if it becomes known someone is inside.

Sexual Assault

13500 block Darvalle St. (7/25): While investigating a disturbance call in the 13500 block of Darvalle Street, deputies were informed by a woman that her boyfriend had sexually assaulted her. He was taken into custody and the case is being investigated by the Sheriff's Special Victims Bureau detectives.

10900 block Alondra Blvd. (7/24): Male and female suspects arrested by loss prevention officer after taking tools from the store and failing to pay for the items. When detained outside the suspects fought with the officers which escalated the shoplift to a felony robbery. Both suspects were taken into custody by responding deputies.

Commercial/Other Burglary:

19100 block Bloomfield Ave. (7/19-21): Unknown suspects pried open the door to a vacant business but were unsuccessful in trying to break through a wall into an adjoining store.
10800 block Alondra Blvd. (7/22): Lock on fitness center locker broken and wallet stolen.
10700 block Droxford St. (7/24): Bicycle and power drill stolen from a garage that had the door left open.

Vehicle Burglary:
12800 block Moore St. (7/19-21): Driver's window shattered and refrigerator and radio stolen from semi-tractor.
18800 block Carmenita Rd. (7/21): Door lock punched and briefcase stolen from Tahoe parked at the bowling alley.
17200 block Norwalk Blvd. (7/25): Window shattered and purse stolen from Mercedes SUV.

Grand Theft:

Artesia Blvd and Belshire Ave. (7/18-21): Suspect stole about $5,000 in copper and other metals from a pole.
16200 block Bloomfield Ave. (9/20/13): Suspect used fake manifest to pick up a semitruck trailer loaded with one million dollars in video surveillance equipment. The shipment never made it to its Florida destination. The crime was reported last September but for an unknown reason the report was never completed.

Grand Theft Auto

17700 block Crusader Ave. (7/9-23): Flatbed trailer stolen from street in front of the business.
10600 block Midway Ave. (7/23): Utility trailer stolen from business parking lot.

The City's safety website,, has an extensive library of crime prevention tips, disaster preparedness information, and a variety of links to other relevant sites. On the website you can join the City's Virtual Block Club, regularly keep abreast of crime trends, and use the knowledge to protect yourself, your family, and your property. Neighborhood Watch works, and in partnership with Cerritos Sheriff's deputies you can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a crime victim. If you "see something, say something," and call the Cerritos Sheriff's at (562) 860-0044.


Community Safety Committee Meeting

The Cerritos Community Safety Division and our Sheriff's Department deputies will be coordinating the National Night Out event at Heritage Park on Thursday, August 7. The event will commence at 7 p.m. and feature a live concert.

Volunteers on Patrol Wanted

Looking for an interesting and useful way to serve your community? You may want to consider becoming a Sheriff's Volunteer on Patrol. Patrolling the City in distinctly marked vehicles, VOPs assist with crime suppression, traffic control, vacation checks, special events and park patrols. They serve as additional "eyes and ears" for the Sheriff's Department and train as first responders in the event of a major emergency or disaster.

For more information, contact the City of Cerritos Community Safety Division at (562) 916-1266, or visit the Division office at the Cerritos Sheriff's Station to obtain an application.

Block Captains Wanted

Neighborhood Watch Block Captains are also a valuable and important way to serve your community and neighborhood. Block Captains serve as a liaison between residents and our Sheriff's Department by networking with neighbors, distributing information about crime incidents and trends, and providing feedback to our law enforcement personnel. Anyone interested in becoming a Block Captain is encouraged to contact the Cerritos Community Safety Division at (562) 916-1266.

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