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Cerritos Sheriff's Station Weekly
Crime Summary

Updated June 23, 2015

June 8 – 14, 2015

There were 15 Part 1 felony crimes reported in Cerritos this past reporting period, a decrease of six from the previous week. The following is a breakdown of crimes by category: one robbery; three commercial/other structure burglaries; five vehicle burglaries; one vehicle theft; and five grand thefts. Cerritos Station deputies made three felony arrests, 27 misdemeanor arrests, eight warrant arrests, and issued 116 citations. The Sheriff's dispatch center also received a total of 303 calls, an increase from the 2015 weekly average of 248.


12700 block of Towne Center Dr (06/09—Afternoon): The suspect entered the location and placed several items into her purse. The suspect left the location failing to pay for any of the concealed items. A store loss prevention officer approached the suspect and stated he would like the items returned. The suspect pointed to an awaiting vehicle, stated her boyfriend was in the car and would shoot him. The loss prevention officer saw the front window of the vehicle start to roll down and fearing for his safety he went back into the business and dialed 911. The suspects fled the location in the vehicle.

Commercial/Other Structure Burglary:

20200 block of Pioneer Blvd (06/12—Late Evening): The suspect(s) entered the location by shattering the front glass doors. The suspects stole US currency from the location.
11400 block of South St (06/11—Early Morning): The suspect(s) entered the location by shattering the front glass door and stole US currency.
16000 block of Piuma Ave (06/10-13): The suspect(s) entered the location by removing the padlock on the roll-up door. It is currently unknown if anything was stolen.

Grand Theft:

353 Los Cerritos Center (06/03): The suspect entered the location while it was open for business, placed several high-end items into his coat pocket, and left without paying.
10900 block of Alondra Blvd (06/09): The suspect entered the location while it was open for business, placed several bathroom fixtures into a shopping cart, and left without paying. Store loss prevention was able to recover the items and the suspect was arrested.
17900 block of Crusader Ave (06/09-06/10): The suspect(s) stole rims and tires off of a vehicle parked at the location.
13500 block of Edgefield St (06/07): The suspect(s) stole an electronic device from the location while the victim was hosting a party.
12700 block of Towne Center Dr (06/07): The suspect(s) stole a cell phone that had been left on a table in the location.

Vehicle Burglary:

10900 block of Alondra Blvd (06/08): The suspect(s) entered a 2009 Saturn VUE by shattering one of the windows. It is currently unknown if anything was stolen.
11500 block of South St (06/12): The suspect(s) entered a 2015 Toyota Highlander by shattering one of the windows and stole a purse and set of keys.
10700 block of Hungerford Pl (06/05-06): The suspect(s) entered a 2014 Honda CRV by shattering one of the windows and stole a musical instrument.
12700 block of Towne Center Dr (06/14): The suspect(s) entered a 2004 Dodge Durango and stole an electronic device left inside. It is unknown how entry was made into the vehicle.
13800 block of Struikman Rd (06/08-09): The suspect(s) entered a 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 by shattering one of the windows. The suspect(s) stole the vehicle registration from inside.

Grand Theft Auto:

100 Los Cerritos Center (06/09): The suspect(s) stole a 2006 Cadillac Escalade from the parking lot.


Simple Prevention Tips

There was a 40 percent reduction in Part I felony crimes this week compared to last week; however, those who are watchful of crime trends know that Part I crimes, overall, have increased in the LASD's jurisdictional areas by 7.37 percent year-to-date and overall Part I crimes have increased by 13 percent in LAPD's jurisdictional areas. So, we are joyful for the brief drop in reported crime, but are wise enough to remain vigilant.

This week a determined shoplifter elevated her criminal activity to a robbery when she fled a department store at the Towne Center and threatened the loss prevention officer by indicating that her boyfriend, who was driving the getaway vehicle, had a gun and would shoot him. If you see a non-life-threatening in progress crime, don't get directly involved because you never know if the suspect is armed. Instead, use your phone to take a photo of the suspect and/or the involved vehicle, particularly the license plate. After taking the photo, immediately call the Cerritos Sheriff's Station at (562) 860-0044 or 911, if it is an emergency.

During this week, several thieves used the tried-and-true method of stealing from a business; they simply waited until late evening and then shattered the front glass door. Once the glass door was breached, the suspect entered the business, grabbed whatever expensive items that they could, then vanished into the night. The lesson here—don't rely solely on glass to protect your valuables. Glass is a weather barrier, not a burglar barrier. Think of security in forms of layering. Start with keeping your business well lighted, keep the shrubbery well-trimmed to allow for easy viewing, install an alarm, install quality digital cameras, keep the items you value most in a locked storage room or a secure cabinet, and consider minimizing your losses by keeping items of value in different secure areas.

This week also educated several trusting motorists who left expensive items in plain view inside their unattended and unwatched vehicles. Thieves were impressed by the quality purse and musical instrument that they noticed inside the cars, but the thieves were unimpressed by the shatter-prone automobile glass that protected those items. The thieves simply shattered the vehicle's glass, retrieved their new bounty, and sundered on. The rule is simple when it comes to vehicles: Hide it, Secure it, or Lose it. Don't let glass be your only line of defense.

Helpful hint—if you are securing something with a padlock, always remove the lock's stamped or inked model number so no one can request a replacement key.

You can significantly diminish your chances of becoming a victim by remaining conscientiously watchful, avoid being in isolated areas while alone, and leaving valuable items on display behind glass.

Remember, if you see suspicious person(s) or activity in your neighborhood or business, call Cerritos Sheriff's Station at (562) 860-0044 or 911 immediately. It is a good idea to keep the Sheriff's Station phone number stored in your cell phone for quick reference.


The City's safety website,, has an extensive library of crime prevention tips, disaster preparedness information, and a variety of links to other relevant sites. On the website you can join the City's Virtual Block Club, regularly keep abreast of crime trends, and use the knowledge to protect yourself, your family, and your property. Remember, Neighborhood Watch works, and in partnership with Cerritos Sheriff's deputies you can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a crime victim. If you "see something, say something," and call the Cerritos Sheriff's at (562) 860-0044.


Volunteers on Patrol Wanted

Looking for an interesting and useful way to serve your community? You may want to consider becoming a Sheriff's Volunteer on Patrol. Patrolling the City in distinctly marked vehicles, VOPs assist with crime suppression, traffic control, vacation checks, special events and park patrols. They serve as additional "eyes and ears" for the Sheriff's Department and train as first responders in the event of a major emergency or disaster.

For more information, contact the City of Cerritos Community Safety Division at (562) 916-1266, or visit the Division office at the Cerritos Sheriff's Station to obtain an application.

Neighborhood Watch Works—Block Captains Wanted

Neighborhood Watch Block Captains are also a valuable and important way to serve your community and neighborhood. Block Captains serve as a liaison between residents and our Sheriff's Department by networking with neighbors, distributing information about crime incidents and trends, and providing feedback to our law enforcement personnel. Anyone interested in becoming a Block Captain is encouraged to contact the Cerritos Community Safety Division at (562) 916-1266.

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