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New Internet scam targets your banking information

Updated July 30, 2010

A new Internet scam called "tab napping" has recently surfaced. The scam is more sophisticated than a phishing scam because it can access your information even if you don't click on a link to a scammer's webpage. Instead, it targets Internet users who open many tabs on their browser at the same time. The scam program will replace an inactive browser tab with a fake page set up specifically to obtain your personal data - without you even realizing it has happened.

If you have opened a new tab and visited a webpage, be aware that the page may not stay the same while you are using other tabs. Malicious code can replace the webpage you opened with a fake version that looks virtually identical to the legitimate page you originally visited.

You can guard against tab napping by keeping a close eye on the tabs you open. Make sure that the URL address in the browser is correct before you enter any login details. A fake tabbed page will have a different URL for the website you were originally viewing.

Even if you don't open multiple tabs in your browser, always check that the URL address has an https:// at the beginning of it. This ensures that the website is secure.

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