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Drug awareness

Updated December 23, 2009

For young people | For parents

For young people

  • Be aware that you can say no.
  • Never use drugs just because someone else uses them.
  • If you turn to drugs, they’ll control every important aspect of your life.
  • Even friends can turn out to be pushers, urging you to try drugs just so you’ll come to them for more.
  • Many drugs are improperly prepared and can cause long-term physical damage, including brain damage—damage that can stay with you even if you never use the drugs again.
  • Drugs can, and do, kill.
  • Even if you don’t agree with the laws, the fact is that drug use is illegal and can give you a criminal record that will stay with you through the years ahead.
  • There are no "safe" drugs when used without medical supervision.
  • The best way of all to avoid drug abuse is to avoid drugs.
  • Respect yourself and don’t start.
  • If you’re tempted or in trouble, call the nearest Drug Hot Line for help. The telephone number is (800) 888-9383, or contact the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station/Community Safety Center at (562) 860-0044.

For parents

  • You are your children’s best—or worst—role model. If you smoke pot, take pills unnecessarily or drink alcohol excessively, you are sending a message to your children that you approve of drug use—no matter what you say to them in words.
  • Know the dangers of drug abuse and the results, and talk to your children about it.
  • Avoid closing the door to an open dialogue. Be straight with them so they can be straight with you.
  • Be aware of symptoms of drug abuse (sudden personality changes, dilated eyes, depression, agitation, listlessness, poor appetite and weight loss, secretiveness, etc.).
  • Be alert to these symptoms in your children’s friends as well as your children, and confront them if you spot them.

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